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AI for Content Creators: My Take on ChatGPT1 min read

Whether using AI to create content or not, organisations and entrepreneurs must ensure that they bring something unique to the table every time they publish a new piece of content.

AI chatbots like ChatGPT lack the ability to produce a unique perspective on topical issues.

Yes, AI can help you gather ideas – especially if you ask good questions.

Yes, it might come up with some interesting points that you might not have considered before.

But it cannot replace the collection of new empirical data, nor can it make reference to the latest scientific discoveries or current affairs.

AI chatbots can be an amazing research and ideation tool for communicators and marketers to aid in the content creation process.

Using them can undoubtedly cut down on the time it takes to produce content

But, at least in my experience, the content must undergo heavy editing and substantial additions before being published in order to bring added value.

Up to now, I have used it for creating SEO-optimized introductions, conclusions, and meta descriptions, asking it to summarise various topics or listing ideas for brainstorming.

Using these AI-enabled building blocks, I was able to significantly speed up my content creation process.

Like me, more and more people will rely on AI chatbots as an incredible productivity-maximising tool.

But, at least for now, it cannot replace empirical research, the personal perspective, or the stories we tell based on our lived experiences. Therein lies the value of the human.

P.S. No chatbot was used in creating this piece of content. Did you notice it?

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